Materials FAQs

Our Processes and Raw Materials

Q:Are your organic products certified? By which institute? Can we get organic certificate for our products?

A:The organic raw materials we purchase all come along with a transaction certificate, which can prove that the product is certified by inspection institute. As for Mecilla, when we issue TC to our customers, we use Ecocert. We can provide organic certificate to our customers if they need.

Q:Where does the organic cotton come from?

A:At the moment, our organic cotton comes from certified sources in Shanxi and Xinjiang provinces in China, India as well as Tajikistan. In an effort to increase the traceability of our raw materials, Mecilla has been doing full sourcing from fibre to fabrics or garments products for international brands. 

Q: How are your dyes and dyeing processes?

A: All our dyes come from reputable international companis such as Huntsman. Our dyeing processes are all certified to OEKO TEX 100 standards. A few select suppliers are certified to OE and GOTS standards. 

Q:Where are the fabrics and T-shirts themselves actually produced and under what conditions?

A:Most of our products are cut and sewn in our facilities in Dongguan China or partner factories in Fujian, India or Vietnam. We also operate our partner knitting factory in the nearby Guangdong. We do offer some products made from specialty fabrics which are purchased in the market. 

Q:Where are the materials sourced from? 

A:Increasing proportion of our materials is sourced from strategic partners.