Sustainable Supply Chain


TPASSION is concerned with the safety and sustainability of our everyday clothes. Is it good for my skin? Is it good for our environment? Is it good for the people involved?

Organic Clothing Stories are here to tell you the processes behind.

Good for Skin:
TPASSION has long offered clothing meeting the Oeko-tex standards for prevention of substances harmful to humans in textiles - especially important for people with chemical sensitivities and allergic reactions. The digital printing that is on the tshirts, is proven to be good for babies. 

Good for Environment:
Holistic solutions are already used during TPASSION's apparel design and production. The way in which TPASSION products are dyed is, for example, much more environmentally friendly than normal methods. The materials, mainly cotton, are grown in Yongji, Shanxi without any use of chemicals. The printing, which takes place in its Hong Kong facility, is free of any harmful substances. Where possible, upcycling projects are conducted to maximize the use of otherwise waste fabrics. 

Good for People:
Who produced your T-shirt? Putting a face to the sewing workers and farmers behind your lovely product is a special treat at TPASSION. Come to our factory in Hong Kong to see who are behind your tshirts; Take a trip to Yongji Shanxi with one of our guided tours to meet the farmers who grow the cotton. TPASSION makes sure we keep them happy and well treated.

Good for ALL:
The more you spend on TPASSION, the more good-skin products we produce for the market, the more organic farming we bring to our environment, and the more workers and farmers we treat well. TPASSION - Made in Trust, Good for ALL.

This section is written to let you in on the details behind, both in words and in visual forms.