Integrated Supply Chain

Mecilla recognizes the inherest risks in our current supply chain: water and material scarcity, toxics in effluent, waste production, GHG footprint at sourcing, processing, manufacturing, operations and retail level. Mecilla Eco is a ongoing project to turn these emerging risks into new opportunities. By recognizing the below risks & opportunities in our supply chain, Mecilla innovates on Supply Process, by using strictly Sustainable Fibre and spinning, knitting, dyeing and manufacturing according to organic standards required by internationally Trusted Labels.

Fast fashion is being criticized for creating unsustainable consumerism, unsustainable design, low prices and low quality clothing. Consumers love as it allows them to wear the current season's changing fashion trends at a low cost. However, the environment and society have suffered much in the process. 

At TPASSION, we love fast fashion, as it gives consumers options to wear the current season's changing trend at a reasonable cost. However, we intend to do fast fashion with sustainability. That means we come up healthy clothing that has a big positive footprint. Under the Cradle 2Cradle principle, we plant cotton organically, optimize our value chain, manufacture responsibly our discreetly designed collection with our in-house designers.

The fabric and ink waste resulting from the manufacturing and digital printing process are upcycled and recycled in partnership with local designers to create another line of product collections. Through this unique combination from farm to factory to local community of designers, Mecilla conducts a series of separate and yet interconnected programs with one aim, which is to make fast fashion work for sustainability. The sustainability programmes of Mecilla includes: 


◆ Recycling and Upcycling Collaboration            ◆ Encouraging Sustainble Consumerism
 Local Production            ◆ Just In Time Digital Printing
◆ Making Supply Chain Transparent            ◆ Optimizing Supply Chain 
◆ Expanding Organic Cotton Production            ◆ International Certificates